Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct


Cricket has traditionally been one sport to maintain and promote the highest levels of conduct and sportsmanship. We are all familiar with the saying “It isn’t cricket” which implies that a certain type of behaviour is unacceptable. This document is a set of guidelines to provide all members with an understanding of the expectations the club has of each and every player and spectator. These guidelines are relevant during match days (on and off the field), training, club functions and at any other time when representing Warringah Cricket club.

The guidelines form part of the Players’ Code of Conduct (NSW Cricket Association) and will be enforced by the committee of the Warringah Cricket Club, and/or by the Judiciary Committee of the NSW Cricket Association. Players and spectators in breach of these guidelines can expect to receive penalties varying from a caution through to suspension, depending on the severity and the nature of the breach.


Our objective is to ensure that all players, when representing Warringah Cricket Club, play cricket in the true spirit and traditions of the game so that the game can be enjoyed by all, including spectators, opposing players and umpires.

Code of Conduct

(Incorporating the By-Laws of the NSW Cricket Association)

  • No person bound by this Code of Conduct shall engage in disorderly or improper conduct or behaviour. Disorderly or improper conduct or behaviour includes, but is not restricted to, a person:
  • Assaulting or attempting to assault, or abusing, either orally or physically, an umpire, player or spectator
  • Disputing, as distinct from questioning, an umpire’s decision, or reacting in an obviously provocative manner towards and umpire
  • Using crude or abusive language, or hand signals or other gestures
  • Engaging in any form of conduct or behaviour detrimental to the spirit of the game or likely to bring the game into disrepute
  • Refusing to supply that person’s name and that person’s address when required by another person who is lodging a report
  • The captain of a team shall ensure that the players (including the person acting as 12th man) comply with the Code of Conduct. The captain of a team breaches the Code of Conduct if a player in that team engages in continuing disorderly or improper conduct or behaviour.

Racial and Religious Vilification Code

No person who is participating in a match under the jurisdiction or auspices of the NSW Cricket Association or its affiliates shall engage in any conduct, act towards or speak to any other person in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates or vilifies such person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, descent or ethnic origin.

The captain of a team shall ensure that the players (including the person acting as 12th man) comply with the Racial and Religious Vilification Code.