The Committee of Management of the Warringah Cricket Club has set down these guidelines for all players, including spectators, representing Warringah Cricket Club.

Umpiring Decisions:

The umpire’s decision is final and should be accepted immediately, whether batting or fielding. A bowler is entitled to ask the umpire why he turned the appeal down, but should accept this explanation, if one is given, and immediately play on. The use of offensive language-generally in the form of a disparaging and abusing remark to an umpire is not acceptable.


When there are no neutral umpires, a batsman must walk if he is in no doubt that he has been dismissed fairly. Placing pressure on your team-mate, who is acting as umpire, can place doubt in his mind and lead to unnecessary friction between the two teams.

Upon being dismissed:

The actions of the dismissed batsmen – in failing to leave the crease promptly on being given out and then banging his bat on the ground or throwing the bat on returning to the pavilion, including audible foul language, is unacceptable.

Post-Match Drinks:

Players are encouraged to have a drink and friendly chat with the opposition after a match, either home or away, but should also make every effort to return to the Weldon Oval clubrooms in time for the after-match presentations.

After-Match Presentations:

After-match presentations are held in the clubrooms as soon as possible after the last away team returns to Weldon. Awards are made to the best player of each team, as well as the “Player of the Round”. All players should make every possible effort to attend these presentations.

Racial Vilification:

Please refer to Racial and Religious Vilification Code outlined on page 1. Under no circumstances will the club tolerate such behaviour. The committee will deal with Warringah players, if an official NSWCA report is not made. Likewise, if a Warringah player is subjected to such abuse, the club will take the matter to the NSWCA and ensure the matter is dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Training Expectations:

All players are expected to train at least once a week. It is understood that work commitments can clash with those of the cricket club, but every effort should be made to attend training. Your captain should be made aware if you are unable to attend training.

Training Attire:

Tracksuit pants/shorts and the club’s training shirt should be worn at all training sessions.


All subscriptions should be paid as soon as possible after the season commences. A discount applies if subscriptions are paid in full prior to 1st November.

Afternoon Tea Levy:

An annual levy of $50 is charged to provide afternoon tea at Weldon Oval. This method is seen to be necessary as not all players remember to bring it, and the supply was unreliable. This system is fairest for all and has been a great success in the past.

Clothing Levy:

An annual levy of $50 applies for the supply of official club clothing. Club clothing includes playing shirt, training shirt, polo shirt and white cricket pants. The retail value of the clothing package is approximately $140. As you can see, this has been heavily subsidised by the club and represents a substantial saving to each player.

Under-age Drinking:

Players under the age of 18 are not permitted to drink alcohol at club functions, including training and match days/nights. Exceptions to this would be where the parent is present and permits his/her son to do so. Players assisting under-age players to gain access to alcohol is considered, by the committee, to represent a serious breach of our Code of Conduct.

Player Availability:

All players are expected to be available for all games throughout the season. Exceptions can occur, but wherever possible, plans involving weekends without cricket, should be scheduled outside the cricket season.

Selection Policy:

Where a player is unavailable for selection, he should not consider himself a certainty to be selected as soon as he makes himself available again. It is quite possible that he will not be selected in any grade upon his return.

Social Functions:

Throughout the season there are several functions organised by the Social Committee. Key functions include a Trivia Night and the Annual Presentation Night, but there are many others. It is expected that players will make every effort to attend club functions, and where possible, invite as many of their friends as possible.


Players are expected to assist with the laying of pitch covers on the evening before home games. Generally speaking, this occurs at about 5:45 pm on Friday evenings but may change due to inclement weather. If you cannot make it due to other commitments, phone your captain.

Match Days:

Players are to arrive at the ground, at least one-hour before the commencement of play, dressed in their club clothing. When playing away, a car pool operates from Weldon Oval. Departure time from the ground varies depending on the travelling time. At home games there are various duties that need to be done. These include laying boundary markers, removal of covers from playing area and setting up the scoreboard and sponsors’ banners. After play, the covers need to be put away properly.