Trial Game teams announced

Hi all,

Below are the teams for the 3 trial games this weekend - Note games 1 and 2 on Saturday and game 3 on Sunday. If your name is not on the list and you are available and wish to have a game please email or and let them know asap.

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1st Game - Saturday 9.00 Start ( arrive 8.15)

Team 1: Brad Lewis (wk), Craig Pecar, Dan Tabrett, Dane Pymble, Ethan Collett, Ian Bassett (capt), Jack Hinksman, James Trickey, Lenny Jones, Matt Butcher, Paul Dolby, Scott Ryan, Stu Love

Team 2: Brett Curry, Dan McKenna, Craig Rupert, Danny Reynolds (capt), Garth Mangan (wk), Guy Davies, James Wright, Liam Tully, Rob Brindle, Rory Wightley, Tim Bourke, Tom Kelly, Tristan Rajah

2nd Game - Saturday 1.00 Start ( arrive 12.15 )

Team 1: Ben Falconer, Billy Lloyd-Green (capt), Cobi Stevens, Dan Schroeder, Hamish Ferguson, Huw Griffiths, Jack Garray, Josh Wigney, Martin Riley, Michael Wrathall, Nathan Tracey, Nick Cohen, Rex Wightley, Sam Alexander

Team 2: Andy Ryan, Anthony Caruso, Ben Wickham (wk), Billy Darcy, Blake Scheffers, Geoff Tucker (capt), Greg Janzs, Ian Thompson, Jack Brown, Jake Fraser, Matt Cole, Will Outred, Zac Trewartha

3rd Game - Sunday start 9.00 ( arrive 8.15 )

Team 1: Ben Pace, Doug McGrath (capt), Ben Humphreys, Hayden Kelly, Jake Ellis, James Crombie, James Pierce, Jason Costain, Justin Knight, Matt Wickham, Rod Streater, Sam Collett (wk), Tom Paton, Nick White

Team 2: Andy Mahnn, Ben Wickham (wk only), Braden King, Dan Plant, Greg Boyer (capt), Harry Rogers, Jack Murphy, Jake Shepherd, Luke Parkinson, Rajat Mehta, Simon Cleary, Will Shaw







Brad Lewis (wk)

Brett Curry


Ben Falconer

Andy Ryan


Ben Pace

Andy Mahnn

Craig Pecar

Dan McKenna


Billy L/Green (cpt)

Anthony Caruso


Doug McGrath (cpt)

Ben Humphreys

Dan Tabrett

Craig Rupert


Cobi Stevens

Ben Wickham ( wk)


Hayden Kelly

Ben Wickham (wk) only

Dane Pymble

Danny Reynolds (cpt)


Dan Schroeder

Billy Darcy


Jake Ellis

Braden King

Ethan Collett

Garth Mangan (wk)


Hamish Ferguson

Blake Scheffers


James Crombie

Dan Plant

Ian Bassett (cpt)

Guy Davies


Huw Griffiths

Geoff Tucker (cpt)


James Pierce

Greg Boyer ( cpt)

Jack Hinksman

James Wright


Jack Garray

Greg Janz


Jason Costain

Harry Rodgers

James Trickey

Liam Tully


Josh Wigney

Ian Thompson


Justin Knight

Jack Murphy

Lenny Jones

Rob Brindle


Martin Riley

Jack Brown


Matt Wickham

Jack Shepherd

Matt Butcher

Rory Wightley


Michael Wrathall

Jake Fraser


Nick White (N/A)

Luke Parkinson

Paul Dolby

Tim Bourke


Nathan Tracey

Matt Cole


Rod Streater

Rajat Mehta

Scott Ryan

Tom Kelly


Nick Cohen

Will Outred


Sam Collett ( wk)

Simon Cleary

Stu Love

Tristan Raj


Rex Wightley

Zac Trewartha


Tom Paton

Will Shaw

Sam Alexander

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