March 13, 2024

March 2024 Round Wrap

March 2024 Round Wrap
Round wrap intro...

Progress has begun in the final round for the main grades, plus a few other results. This is how it looks with just one weekend to go in the regular season:

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Round 13


73 & 8/85
S Cook 14, extras 13, L Molyneux 10* & M Munro 21, J Chick 19, A Bennett 19


M Munro 2/83, S Cook 1/2

Warringah lost by 7 wickets.

The MIG arrived at rothwell park looking to secure a victory over Burwood with vital points towards the club champs and a opportunity to cement Warringah’s spot in the quarter finals at stake. Conditions at Rothwell park would play a huge part across the two days of cricket, upon arrival the the clouds were well and truly settled in for the day as overcast conditions along with a damp outfield and green top wicket would make for excellent bowling conditions. On this occasion the toss would have more significance than ever with Warringah wanting to utilise the bowler friendly conditions, however the toss didn’t go Warringahs way and the MIG were sent into bat at rothwell park.

Ferguson and Greenland took to the crease looking to get the MIG off to a solid start. From the first ball the Burwood seam attack looked threatening as they constantly hit a probing line and length challenging the openers, with that said the Warringah openers didn’t last long leaving the score at 2-4. As Burwood continued to build pressure and bowl in dangerous areas wickets kept falling as they took 3 more wickets in quick succession with the MIG struggling at 5-20. From then on Warringah couldn’t salvage the innings as wickets continued to fall, Shane cook was the only one who was able to spend some real time at the crease as he Made a gritty 14 from 68 balls this however was not enough to prevent the Warringah batting collapse as the MIG finished on 73.

With 33 overs left on day one Warringah looked to take early wickets with the conditions still being very bowler friendly and keep Burwood to a low score. From ball one the bowlers bowled extremely tight and gave Burwood nothing however due to some missed chances the MIG finished day 1 wicket less as Warringah restricted Burwood to 50 runs from 33 overs. Going into day 2 Warringah knew it would be a uphill battle to stay in the game. Warringah bowled well but didn’t have the same success in which Burwood had with the ball as the Burwood batsmen batted well and aggressively. Matt Munro made the first break through and ended up taking two wickets however Burwood continued to score and score quickly, as Burwood approached the 200 mark shane cook managed to take the third wicket of the innings and with that Burwood declared on 199-3 with a considerable lead.

With interruptions from rain throughout the day the MIG were left with 46 overs to bat out as Burwood were on the hunt for a outright win. In similar style to the first innings Burwood bowled well and very quickly Warringah were 5-36 and looking down the barrel. With Warringah in trouble Jack chick and Matt Munro came to the crease and steadied the ship as they frustrated the Burwood bowlers and occupied the crease over after over. Eventually they both fell leaving Mol and pat to bat out the last 9 balls of the game and avoid the outright loss. The MIG fought well at the end to avoid the outright loss however it wasn’t Warringahs best showing and they look to improve next week as they go into the quarter final against George’s river.

Quarter Final

Warringah (6th)

S Barnett 43, S Conners 31, R Sheahan 25

Georges River (1st)

A Bennett 3/8, J Park Johnson 3/66, L Molyneux 2/53

Warringah lost by 144 runs.

All that hard work throughout the regular season comes to an end. The 1st grade boys find themselves in 6th place, playing against Georges River in the quarter final at Bexley Oval. The comp turns to knock out for the MiG so there is nothing to lose. Hamish lost the toss, with GR choosing to bat on what was a great batting deck. 5 30+ degree days leading into the 1st day's play certainly set it up to be an absolute highway. And that it was....The MiG toiled hard in the first hour, breaking the opening pair early- but with the wicket baking even further in the sun, little to no chances were given for the boys to take much needed consistent wickets. 1/16, 2/75, 3/123, 4/241 and 5/288 at the end of days play. A long 96 overs, but full credit to the boys and especially the bowlers (who all bowled around 20 overs) in extreme heat, no complaints and the energy and positivity throughout the whole day considering we were up against it.. was very impressive! A well deserved beer at the close of play  and a good night's rest required for another big push tomorrow.

Some very sore bodies at Bexley first thing in the morning but the boys honestly believed we could take the last 5 wickets and start pegging down these runs- on the hunt for a spot in the semi finals... And that we did!! The boys took 5/40 to wrap up the GR's first innings for 321 runs. Aiden Bennett the star of the morning taking 3/8 off 6 overs. Other massive efforts from our favourite pom Jimmy with figures 3/66 off 29 overs, Molly 2/53 off 17 overs, Munners 1/67 off 17, Patty Day 1/67 off 21 and Reegs 0/46 off 17.. Huge effort from the boys!

Unfortunately our batting innings didn't go to plan. A combination of good bowling, deep set field with slow bowlers making us generate pace and a monster score of 321 late in the day.. scoreboard pressure! Barney, Coach Steve and Regan the highlights with 30s and 40s, but at the end of the day we needed someone to get a big daddy hundred which didn't happen. The MiG all out for just shy of 200 in reply, bringing the end to our season.

A great achievement from the boys to make the QF and be so competitive throughout the year. We have a special group of players and i am so proud of all our efforts and commitment to the club on and off the field. We will be back next year- bigger and better than ever! A huge thankyou to our amazing scorer and heart beat of our team, Marg! to our coaches and committee, thankyou for all your tireless efforts. Go the Men In green!

Round 13


164 & 5/94
L Johnson 67, W Davidson 38, R Outred 14 & K Rajah 44*, B Johnston 25* , K Broome 12


K Godfrey 3/62, R Outred 2/42, F Holdsworth 1/48

Warringah lost by 6 wickets.

Some rain earlier in the week meant the pitch in day one would provide a bit for the bowlers early. Being sent in to bat, we lost a couple early-ish but managed to somewhat steady the ship. Johnno (67) and Davo (38) were standouts from the innings but a late collapse saw us post 164. 1 early wicket on day 1 for a few runs gave 2s a tricky scenario to overcome the next week.

With a roaring start to day 2 at 3-37 hopes were high with calls for score updates around the grounds. It was not to be however with a large partnership taking the match out of reach. A lot more unnecessary cricket was played until about 5:30 as Burwood failed to secure an outright win thanks to the resilience of Kev (3-62), Kam (44) and BJ (25). Whilst an unsuccessful season missing finals it was still a fun season had by all. Thanks to the poms for a great year and good luck Cookie in Canberra. 2s will be back better than ever next year with a couple of strong young talent coming through the grades.

Round 13


B Martin 32, M Kuchel 27, H Burke 12*


H Burke 4/40, C McKay 4/40, M Kuchel 1/13

Warringah drew with Burwood.

With the minorpremiership secured, 3s arrived at Ron Routley against our rivals Burwoodlooking to continue our winnings ways, as well as having one eye on the clubchampionship. We rocked up to a wet pitch on a gloomy day and like last roundwe were in for a wait before getting on the field. After some intense ultimatevortex, we were set for a 2pm start with Ruben winning the toss and bowling.

Cal and Harry openedup with Cal strangling one of the openers down the leg side early on. We builtsome really good pressure on the Burwood top order which resulted in Calfinding the outside edge of their skipper after being dropped in the previousover. Harry then got the next batter out to have them 3-26. Bill came on andclaimed another wicket for us, Dusty in on the action again taking catches forthe first 4 wickets of the match. Cal knocked over their opener who had playedwell in the last over before tea to have Burwood 5-64 on a wicket that was noteasy for batsmen. After tea, wickets were not easy to come by until Harry foundthe breakthrough followed by Kuch. Burwood hung on for the rest of the dayfinishing 7-118 of 58. The game well in the balance on a difficult wicket.

 We arrived the nextweekend with our sights on cleaning up the tail and then chasing down thistotal. Harry found the first wicket of the day, dismissing the set bat, brilliantlycaught behind by Dusty who claimed his 5th dismissal of the match. GO DUSTY!!! Shortly after, we picked up the last two wickets bowling Burwoodall out for 134 with 70 overs left in the day. Cal finishing with 4, Harry 4,Kuch 1, Bill 1.

Toby and Jimmy openedup in swinging and seaming conditions, with runs really hard to come by. Ourtop order couldn’t establish any partnerships and after some good bowling andLBW calls that could’ve gone either way, we fell to 5-35. The rain began topour heavier and heavier until the umpires called us off for an early tea. Afterthe hour break, the rain cleared, and Bill & Dust were back on to face themusic after 8 overs were lost in the delay. Dusty fell followed by Cal who wasvery unlucky to a questionable catch at short cover. But nonetheless were insome trouble at 7-47 with 34 overs left in the day. Kuch joined Bill out in themiddle as the pair occupied the crease well whilst putting the bad ball away. Thiswas undone after Bill copped a Jaffer after a well-made 32 leaving us at 8-88with 15 overs left. After news that 2s and 4s had lost, we knew that clubchamps were beyond our reach. Given our unassailable lead on the table and onlyhaving 2 wickets left in the shed we were still happy to put anything looseaway. But given the difficult batting conditions we set our sights on battingout remaining overs so at the very least we don’t give Burwood the win. Kuchkept on going until he fell for a well-made 27 which brought Giles to thecrease, joining Harry to negotiate the last 7 overs. The two were able to hangon as we finished 9-110 off our 62 overs with the game ending in a draw.


This drew a close to avery successful regular season for the lads finishing with a 10-1 record afterour 12 games on 66 competition points. We now look toward an exciting finals series starting against Lindfield at Weldon next weekend.

Quarter Final

Warringah (1st)

B Martin 67, L Richardson 62, C McKay 34

Lindfield (6th)

M Kuchel 3/26, T Seward 2/10, H Burke 2/26

Warringah won by 151 runs.

Progress to Semi Final vs. Strathfield (4th)

Match report to come...

Round 13


N Barnett 66, P Chapman 18, K Davies 7


T Walker 4/21, S Roche 2/44, C Wilson 2/47

Warringah lost by 2 wickets.

Match report to come...

Quarter Final

Warringah (2nd)

A Boulton 61, J Donnan 50, M Norton 40

Southern Districts-Mt Pritchard (5th)

C Wilson 3/41, A Caruso 2/20, S Roche 2/24

Warringah won by 90 runs.

Progress to Semi Final vs. Strathfield (1st)

Match report to come...

Round 14


Z Buchanan 32, S Higgins 17, P White 15

Randwick-Petersham Green

O Fairchild 3/25, Z Buchanan 3/34, P Clift 1/18

Warringah lost by 13 runs.

Match report to come...

Round 15


W Toohey 53, A Woodhead 25, L Macfarlane 21

Georges River

O Fairchild 4/57, L Scott 3/31, O Hansen 2/27

Warringah won by 1 wicket.

Match report to come...

Round 19


A Gatehouse 39, C Conners 31*, M Melville 19*

Mt Pritchard-Southern Districts

J Olde 4/22, J Donnan 1/0, C Swinney 1/11

Warringah won by 7 wickets (+ bonus point)

Match report to come...

Round 20


B Kwan 37, J Day 23, L Coy 20


A Durairaj 3/13, C Dickson 3/19, G Davies 2/27

Warringah won by 46 runs.

Match report to come...

Quarter Final

Warringah (2nd)

C Swinney 48, T Bourke 26*, L Coy 4

North West Sydney (5th)

R Osborne 3/18, C Dickson 3/22, A Durairaj 2/17

Warringah won by 7 wickets.

Progress to Semi Final vs. Strathfield (3rd)

Match report to come...

Round 10


Player scores???


Player scores???

Warringah won by 9 wickets.

Match report to come...

Round 11


G Park 31*, R Howard 30* , C Stolk 20


S Waddington 3/7, G Allsop 3/17, G Park 1/17

Warringah won by 7 wickets.

On a spectacular day at Mike Pawley Oval, the Classics team took on Strathfield, with the knowledge that Simon Waddington would be making cheese toasties for tea! The toss was taken and Strathfield won and elected to bat first, on what looked like a good batting strip.

The openers came out, and one was intent on hitting every ball to the boundary. After a couple of near misses, Greg Allsop had the brilliant idea of bowling a quick one that the batter came down to and missed. It bounced off the well-developed pec muscle of keeper Rick Howard, who was up at the stumps, and knocked off the bails. A somewhat confused square-leg umpire eventually gave it out, stumped. From there, Allsop and Rob Melchiore made scoring difficult over an opening spell of 14 overs together.  Allsop picked up three wickets and Melchiore should have had a couple, if catches had stuck.

The Strathfield batters showed there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity with their running between wickets. Their best bat decided on a third run which left his partner short of the crease. They fell for the triple play tactic of Mike Barrow “foxing” near the boundary with an under arm throw to Dean Harris who rocketed the ball into Simon Lyon.  The funniest was to come, with their best bat on 29 deciding to run a second on Waddington’s arm.  He left the field, run out on 30!

Chris O’Brien and Simon Lyon created some opportunities with the ball, without any luck, and Giles Park and Waddington came on to mop up the remaining five wickets.  Park picked up his usual compulsory LBW. Waddo got three – one bowled, one caught and bowled and one from a great catch from Chris Stolk.

The Strathfeld batters contributed the final wicket with another run out, taking on a throw from near the boundary from O’Brien which Waddo dutifully took in and knocked off the bails. With just 123 needed for victory, Warringah mixed up its usual batting order, with Harris and Barrow walking out first.  Barrow looked good, scoring the first six runs of the innings, before he left a ball that knocked over off stump. Park came out, quite a few positions above where he normally bats, and proceeded to give everyone a lesson on the artistry of the dab shot outside off stump. He and Harris took the score to 30 before Dean tried to hit one too many boundaries and skied a catch.

From there, Strathfield just got to watch two things - steady batting and a nearby male neighbour cooking a BBQ in the nude. One was more attractive than the other. Park retired on 31, which included three fours and a six, and Stolk also cleared the boundary on his way to 20. Howard (30 rtno) and Melchiore (16no) kept the run rate ticking over at a good rate.  Barnett, coming in at seven, hit a stylish 3no, perhaps showing that this could be his best position.

Mission accomplished in the 30th over. With no finals to be played, Warringah finished a good season in third place with 8 wins, 2 wash outs and 1 loss from 11 rounds.

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