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4th Grade's 3 peat

September 28, 2023

WCC 2022 Pres Night Main trailer

April 22, 2022

WCC 2022 Pres Night Teaser Trailer

April 1, 2022


March 25, 2022

Semi Finals!!!

March 18, 2022

WCC Round 11 Teams Announcement

June 10, 2021

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Acknowledgement of Country

Playing sport with our mates is life giving, it gives us energy and purpose, which is fitting for the land on which we meet, Curl Curl, which comes from the Dharuk phrase “Curial Curial” meaning “River of life”. 

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional owners of the land, Guringai country, upon which we play, belonging to the Guringai people. We pay our enduring respects to the first peoples of all nations, elders of the past, and the generations of the present and future, because the land is in our hands, and on it we have the power to make their future and our future, one.